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This exciting ensemble performs an eclectic variety of music including serious Art Music, Folk Music, and Broadway Show Music.  We are beginning our ninth season in September 2023.  Our new season will begin sometime in September with auditions now taking place by appointment.  The size and breakdown of the group will be determined after the auditions.  Dr. Leavitt is looking to keep the talent pool in the ensemble at an excellent level.

John Leavitt is a renowned conductor and composer in choral music (read more about John Leavitt)  Auditions, rehearsals and concerts will take place at Atonement Lutheran Church which serves as our home.  The church is located in Overland Park Kansas at 9948 Metcalf Avenue.


Rehearsals for the ensemble will startup again in September.   We are currently looking to add additional musician/singers for the new season.  Rehearsals will commonly be on Monday evenings.  The complete rehearsal schedule will be provided to participants who audition.


Auditions are open for all singers/musicians from the ages of 18-39 in all voice parts (soprano, mezzo, alto, tenor, baritone, bass).  Currently the ensemble is for women but we will consider adding men if there are enough qualified auditions.  Proficiency on a musical instrument is desired but not required.