I’ve recently noticed that Minnesota Public Radio and American Public Media’s “Pipedreams,” a weekly program dedicated to the pipe organ, has all of their past episodes online now. 

Back in 1998, my recording, “A Sonic Spectacular” on the grand Marcussen organ (Danish builder) at Wichita State University (Kansas) was featured on the “Pipedreams” national broadcast.  In addition to several chorale preludes and miscellaneous pieces, my “Scenes of Childhood” was featured on the broadcast.  In addition to the playing of “Scenes…”, my three children, Matthew, Christopher, and Katy also served as narrators for the work. 

Listen to the broadcast here:  https://www.pipedreams.org/episode/1998/01/19/prairie-fire
“A Sonic Spectacular” features many exciting works.  In addition to his original music, John plays Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor as well as Widor’s famous Toccata in F. 

Order “A Sonic Spectacular” on the Grand Marcussen Organ at Wichita State here.

Order the sheet music “Scenes of Childhood” for Organ and Narrator here.

During the pandemic, Brian Mathias who serves as one of the organists for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, played several of my pieces on the great Tabernacle organ in Salt Lake City.  One of the pieces that was featured on their weekly broadcast several times was my setting of “Venite.”